I love Delhi like a mother, says Kiran Bedi

321906-bjp-kiran-bediNEW DELHI : With just hours to go before campaigning comes to an end for the high-voltage Delhi Assembly polls, BJP’s chief ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi on Thursday made an emotional pitch to stress her commitment towards turning the national capital into a world-class city.
Speaking to reporters, Bedi said, “Destiny has brought me here (to politics), I have no motive… God has given me everything…It was a call from my soul that I should work for Delhi.”“I am not here to lose, I am here to win,” she said.
“I know Delhi from the age of 14 years when I used to come here from Amritsar to play tennis matches. I have always wanted to serve this city. By God’s grace my first posting was here. I love Delhi. I am here as a mother,” she said.
Bedi added that her joining politics was destined to happen. “One never knows when one’s past becomes the present. Many people come to me today saying that I played a role in changing their lives.”“My good work in the past is seen in how people treat me with love and respect now,” she said.
On being called a dictator, Bedi said, “I can’t help if someone calls me a dictator. Decisive people are given such names. I have been against those who do wrong and I protect those who do good work.”When asked about her views on the bitter nature of the poll campaign in Delhi, Bedi said, “I have no bitterness, it is not my nature. I have not come for honour or insult; I am here to do a duty.”
Calling her entry into politics as her “final surrender” in service of the people, the former IPS officer also stressed that she will work for all sections of the society with special focus being on those belonging to the weaker sections.
Bedi said that she will conduct an audit of JJ clusters to ensure that their problems can be addressed while also pointing out Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to make Delhi slum free.

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