I am Ready to CompromisePrashan Bhushan

imagesNEW DELHI: In an exclusive interview to NDTV, Aam Aadmi Party’s Prashant Bhushan speaks for the first time about the rift within the party and much more.The issues are very serious which are on the basic ideas and principles on which the party was founded.

  • The real issue is that there has been some evidence that the party has slipped from principles of transparency.
  • There is certainly a great danger of that happening in the party (on a high-command culture, where only one person calls the shots)
  • We had formed a party which was different from all the other political parties where there is ‘no one-man centric campaign’.
  • I spoke to Arvind and we discussed about decision-making processes in the party. These processes were to be credibly independent and collective in nature.
     I respect Arvind’s political judgments. But sometimes he could be wrong too.
  • I have some very serious disagreements with how AAP is functioning.
  • AAP not declaring party expenses in public domain.
  • Arvind used to getting his way, thinks his decision must always prevail.
  • Need people who can stand up to Kejriwal and differ with him.
  • I feel we have to be absolutely firm on our ethical principles but Arvind differs at times and says we need to make certain compromises in politics.
  • We have to be absolutely straight and true to the founding principles of our party.
  • There was clearly a lapse on our part in not checking the companies.
  • Also slippages in terms of putting out our account publicly on the website.
  • Not saying hanky panky. But systems need to be firmed up to stay on the path of transparency.
  • I told Arvind you have remarkable qualities, unique leader.
  • You must recognize you have some weaknesses. He said yes I do.
  • I said we must set systems such that its not your writ that should prevail in decision making.
  • Occasionally some issues of principals on which I put my foot down.
  • You can’t make compromises in electoral politics.
  • I feel his approach may not be correct.
  • I was not privy to any kind of talks with Congress. But clearly letter sent to LG matter of record.
  • There was difference of opinion amongst members of Political Action Committee, National Executive Committee on whether we should seek Congress support again or not.
  • Letter to LG said – he should defer dissolution till we seek opinion of people whether we can again form government again.
  • Absolutely baseless and absurd allegation (on allegation that he and Yogendra Yadav are conspiring to unseat Arvind Kejriwal).
  • We have some differences with Arvind and we have tried to resolve them.
  • Where ever we had differences, I used to tell Arvind.
  • Personality cult can not run our party; what about internal democracy?
  • If party strays from founding principles, I can not stay with it.
  • But Yogendra Yadav or I never talked about removing him.
  • If Yogendra Yadav and I are removed, it’s of no consequence to us.
  • It is a matter of public record that AAP tried to delay elections in Delhi.
  • In last 10 years, I have always believed BJP to be communal and a corrupt party (on Bhushans wanting to install BJP government)
  • I have filed petitions, I had filed against Jaitley’s decisions.
  • I know Jaitley – he is lawyer. When he was very unwell, I called on him.
  • But to say I am close to Jaitley, BJP support – it is laughable and absurd.
  • I do not share my father’s support for Kiran Bedi, he is his own man.
  • I was unhappy on selection of candidates.
  • My heart was not into campaigning for many of these candidates.
  • No formal decision of  NE to remove us.
  • It is irrelevant who should be in NE or PAC.
  • Large number of people attracted to party because of its founding principles and ideals.
  • What is important is that this party’s decision making should be democratic and broad-based.
  • Can’t follow high command culture that every political party has, to kneel before high command.
  • I am not considering leaving the party.
  • I am not a full timer with party.
  • My role in party is only to try and ensure it remains committed to original principles and ideals.
  • Need to broad-base decision making bodies.
  • Vast majority of volunteers and people who helped form party want the party to remain united.
  • Unfortunately, Arvind has not called me.
  • There has been a breakdown of communication.
  • For the last few days we have not spoken to each other.
  • But I am open and willing to talk.
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