Disha Salian’s was enjoying with friends in her last party..

disha salianMUMBAI: With the mystery going intense of Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise, the case has been linked with the mysterious death of his former manager Disha Salian.
Disha Salian’s mysterious death on June 8, 2020, is being probed once again by the Mumbai police with many assuming a possible link between the two. Sushant, 34, was found dead at his Bandra residence on June 14, 2020.
June 14 and his former manager Disha Salian on June 8, 2020, have raised enough suspicion amongst fans, who on social media platforms have been pressing for a fair probe. It has been nearly two months to Disha’s death, and recently Mumbai police urged the people to share information or evidence, if they know of, related to Disha’s death.
Reportedly, Disha had worked briefly with Sushant. As a result, the later’s death case been probed again and several theories have surfaced about her alleged rape and murder.

While Mumbai police have been investigating the matter, a video of Disha has been doing the rounds on social media which is claimed to be her last video before unfortunate demise.
Disha, 28, allegedly jumped off a high-rise apartment in Mumbai on June 8. As per initial reports of her having attended a party just before her death, a video has now surfaced where Disha can be seen enjoying a bash with her friends. The party was at her friend’s residence and soon after attending it, she was found dead.
In the video, Disha is reportedly seen along with her fiance Rohan Roy and some of her friends. It seems to be a shot during a small get together at a flat and the lady was seen dancing and enjoying with her friends as they shake a leg on Mission Kashmir track ‘Rind Poshmaal’ featuring Hrithik Roshan.
According to media reports, the video was shared by Disha in her friends Whatsapp group. Apparently, it was after attending this party that Disha was found dead and the video is going viral on social media.
Meanwhile, Disha’s parents have rubbished the rape and murder theories and claimed that they have complete faith on Mumbai Police who, as per the Salians, are doing their job properly.
On the other hand, her mother has claimed that she hasn’t heard about Sushant. “Disha used to share each and every detail about her work. With whom she is working what she is doing and everything.
I had only heard once that she had some work related to him. But, Disha managed him, I never heard it before. It is only after Sushant’s death, I’m hearing so much. I never heard about Sushant and I don’t know much about him before all this,” Disha’s mother stated.
Disha can be seen along with a few other close friends in the video and looks happy. The bunch of friends are seen dancing to ‘Mission Kashmir’ track ‘Rind Poshmaal’ featuring Hrithik Roshan. On August 6, 2020, the Mumbai police DCP Vishal Thakur said that they are waiting for Disha’s viscera report which had still not come.
(With Mumbai Bureau ).

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