Delhi recorded 445 coronavirus COVID-19 cases so far, 40 cases of local transmission: CM Arvind Kejriwal

Avrind-1585399662-1585714042NEW DELHI : Amid the rapid increase in coronavirus positive cases, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday said that of the total 445 COVID-19 cases in the national capital so far, only 40 cases are of local transmission. He added that in the last 24 hours, 59 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Delhi.

“In Delhi, there are only 40 COVID-19 positive cases out of 435 that happened because of local transmission i.e. contact between people. All the other cases are due to foreign travel and Nizamuddin Markaz. This is something that makes me believe coronavirus is not spreading here. It is under control,” Kejriwal said at a press conference.
Mr Kejriwal stated that so far six people have died in Delhi from the deadly virus of which three of them are from the Markaz. Speaking on the number of deaths he said, “There have been a total of six deaths, of which five people were those who were already suffering from a disease like liver, sugar, breathing and heart problems. Of the six people who died — three were those who had attended the Markaz event. Five people were more than 60 years and one was a 36-year-old,” he added.
He also clarified that of the 2,300 people from Nizamuddin Markaz, 500 people have been admitted to hospital and 1,800 are under quarantine. The COVID-19 tests of these people are being done, he added. The CM also warned of a sudden surge in the number of coronavirus cases in Delhi in the days ahead but added the increase will not be called the resultant of community transmission.

Speaking on feeding the poor, the CM said that the Delhi government on April 3 provided lunch to 66,39,28 people and dinner to 67,85,44 people. He added that his government ha already announced that it will feed 10 lakh people, every day.

He also encouraged everyone to feed the poor and needy people during these trying times. He announced that 71 lakh ration cardholders will be provided with 7.5 kg free ration for each person.

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