Bigg Boss: Rimi Sen bares her personal life for the first time!

imagesMUMBAI: Remember how Salman Khan grilled Rimi Sen on Bigg Boss 9 last week? Rimi, who’s desperately wanting to break free and leave the show, has been inactive throughout the show.
Be it the luxury budget task or just in general, Rimi is possibly the most disinterested contestant on the game show. But Salman’s advice seems to have worked wonders for the actress. Why? She’s baring it all about her personal life for the first time.

A source tells us that Rimi was seen discussing her private life with fellow contestants Mandana Karimi and Yuvika Chaudhary. Talking about the same,
Rimi revealed that she’s not ready for marriage yet and if you remember, her mother too told dna that Rimi does not want to get married ever. But Rimi added that perhaps, she might still be okay with marriage but she can’t even think of having babies.

Later, Rimi also confessed to her two confidantes that she has had only one relationship in her entire life and she isn’t in the mood for love any time soon. Hearing all this, Mandana immediately tried to cajole her by joking about the same. She insisted that Rimi can rather play with her kids, to which Rimi smilingly nodded.

Given that Rimi has always remained chup-chap, hardly giving any content on the show, it was a huge surprise for everyone to see her opening up finally. Will this bring in a welcome shift? Let’s wait and watch.



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