Arvind Kejriwal hinted to form government

600px-ArvindKejriwal2New Delhi :  Aam Aadmi Party, which has created a nationwide stir by winning 28 of the 70 seats in Delhi in a stunning debut, is likely to form the government next week. AAP, which is carrying out a referendum to get “a sense of what the people want”, is expected to announce its decision on Monday.
Its assertive founder Arvind Kejriwal, credited with changing the political discourse in the country, told ET that “the people want us to deliver” and providing “effective governance is no rocket science”.
The decision to form a minority government backed by Congress, which has eight MLAs, is driven by the overwhelming response from people who want AAP to assume power in Delhi and deliver effective governance. Kejriwal said more than 75% of people in the Capital want AAP to assume office. “Forming the government and delivering on our promises will reap huge benefits for AAP in Lok Sabha polls.”
Asked if his party would form the government in Delhi now thatCongress has extended unconditional support, Kejriwal said: “We will take a final call after our ward meetings through the weekend, but there is an overwhelming support and pressure from people.”
Kejriwal added that his party, in all likelihood, will take up the challenge and form the government. Although Kejriwal personally is averse to joining hands with Congress or BJP, he said recent developments – Congress’ unconditional support for AAP initiatives and surging popular demand – have forced a rethink. “The stand taken by Congress will be tracked by voters in the months to come in case it retracts,” he said.
Some senior AAP members have voiced apprehension that forming the government could take up all their energy and resources, leaving them little time for the general elections. Kejriwal, however, said it would be a challenge that may throw up pleasant surprises for the fledgling party in the 2014 elections.
“I may not be able to travel as much once I assume office, but the actions of our government in Delhi will reverberate in other states, bringing greater support for AAP and its politics,” he said. Asked if he is daunted by the responsibility of governing, given that most party MLAs are first-timers, Kejriwal said running an effective government needs political will.
“I have been a part of the government and have seen from close quarters how bureaucrats and politicians deliver when they wish to. It is no rocket science,” he said.Delhi is yet to get a government as it threw up a fractured mandate where BJP fell four short of majority at 32 seats and AAP came in a close second at 28.Indian Express.

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