‘Anand Mohan Singh Should Be Sent Back To Jail’ says IAS officer’s Daughter Padma

NEW DELHI/HYDERABAD/ PATNA:G Padma, the daughter of IAS officer G Krishnaiah who was killed by a mob led by Anand Mohan, has said she is hugely disappointed over the release of the convicted leader. She said that this development is very disheartening. She said that the family could consider legal remedies.
Padma Krishnaiah has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene about the release of Anand Mohan Singh, the man jailed in the case.
A gangster-turned-politician, Anand Mohan Singh was release at 3 am today following a tweak in the jail rules of the state. The matter has turned into a huge political controversy, with the top body of IAS officers in the country and leaders of the BJP criticising the Nitish Kumar government.
“I would request PM Narendra Modi ji — such people should not come back into society. I do not have the power to fight this… please bring a law so that such gangsters and mafia cannot roam free in Bihar or any other state. Please reconsider the situation,” she told NDTV in an exclusive interview.

“If you do not know about our father, please ask the people of Bihar. Today, even after 29 years, people are ready to fight for this, it is not because it is a reward for us,” she added, breaking down.  In 1994, G Krishnaiah — Padma Krishnaiah’s father and then district magistrate of Gopalganj — was killed by a mob that was protesting over the murder of another gangster-politician belonging to Anand Mohan Singh’s party. They were allegedly egged on by Singh. G Krishnaiah, who was just passing through the area, was dragged out of his official car and beaten to death. In 2007, Anand Mohan, whose son is an MLA from Lalu Yadav’s RJD, was sentenced to death. But the sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment, and he was in jail for 15 years. Earlier this month, the Bihar government tweaked the prison rules, allowing remission of jail term of those convicted for murdering a public servant on duty.
Sixty-year-old Uma Krishnaiah, the widow of Dalit IAS officer G Krishnaiah who was killed in Bihar three decades ago, has criticised the Nitish Kumar government for releasing former MP Anand Mohan Singh who was convicted for his murder. Anand Mohan was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of then Gopalganj District Magistrate Krishnaiah in 1994, by instigating a mob to lynch him. He has been in jail for 15 years. However, following an amendment to the Bihar Prison Manual, the state government has notified the release of 27 prisoners, including Anand Mohan.
Uma, who was thirty years old when her husband was killed, also called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene and ask the Bihar government to withdraw the decision. Before Anand’s release was announced, the Bihar government amended its prison rules so that those convicted of murdering public servants could be considered for premature release after serving only 14 years of imprisonment, instead of 20 years as required earlier. This paved the way for the release of 27 convicts including Anand.
Leaders of the state’s opposition BJP have slammed the Nitish Kumar government’s move. Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party said the tweak in rules was “anti-Dalit” and requested the state government to reconsider the decision.Slamming the move, the  Central IAS Association has said it leads to “impunity, erosion of morale of public servants, undermines public order and makes a mockery of administration of justice”.
The government of Bihar had earlier removed that clause in the Bihar Jail Rules, which prohibited prison sentences for those guilty of murdering a public servant on duty, paving the way for Anand Mohan Singh’s release.
Meanwhile, Amit Malviya, the head of BJP’s IT department, took aim at Nitish Kumar and asked, “Is there any person who resorted to a criminal syndicate to seize power as the face of India’s opposition leader?” The ruling JD(U) hit back at the BJP and insisted that Singh has completed his jail term and the Nitish Kumar government does not differentiate between “am” and “private” people.
Although the BJP has denounced the Nitish Kumar-led government as “leaning on a criminal syndicate to stay in power”, in Bihar the leaders of the party have demanded their release because they are of their own caste. There is an important influence in the group, Rajputs, who cannot be ignored. Anand Mohan Singh was one of the co-founders of Samata Party along with Nitish Kumar.
Bureau Report with Media inputs)

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