9 People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

BRASILIA: No one understands the plight of the tall girl more than Elisany da Cruz Silva, a 17-year-old girl from Brazil who currently stands at six feet, nine inches in height. Elisany is a remarkable girl with a very rare form of gigantism caused by a tumor on her pituitary gland. She has been experiencing great leaps in height growth since her late childhood.tall
Luckily, recently Elisany was able to undergo a special surgery that was intended to remove the tumor from her pituitary gland – a procedure which proved to be successful for various reasons. Since the tumor was thought to have been the cause of her gigantism, her doctors are confident that having removed the tumor not only saves her overall health, but may also stop her from growing any taller.
Elisany’s family cannot be more supportive of her and her dreams. Currently, she lives with her mother and brother and sisters, and aspires to someday become a fashion model. Since her surgery, Elisany has (to everyone’s surprised delight), decreased one inch in height – something that no one thought was possible.
Though she is one of the tallest teenagers in the world, Elisany has strived to live a normal life. It is true that most tall girls in general have trouble dating because most guys are intimidated or insecure about being with a tall girl, but Elisany has been lucky in love. In fact, she is in a committed relationship with a 22-year-old boy, Francinaldo, who thinks Elisany is perfect and as beautiful as a model.
Right now, Elisany is continuing to strive for her dream of becoming a model. Though she has been rejected in the past, she is determined to make her dream come true. And though it is true that she is an exceptionally tall individual, to the people who know her she is also a pretty girl and a fun person with a kind and open heart – not to mention an inspiration for all the tall girls of the world!

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