U P Minister Azam Khan confesses ‘love’ for Sadhvi Prachi

AZAM_KHAN_1720622fLUCKNOW: Seems, courting controversies is senior Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan’s favourite pass time. Khan has now publicly confessed his love for none other than BJP firebrand leader Sadhvi Prachi who herself is famous for her controversial statements.
Addressing a press conference Agra, Khan said that he loves Sadhvi Prachi, but scared as the RSS may term it ‘Love Jihad’.”I love Sadhvi, but I do not know why she ‘keeps bursting such crackers’ (makes such statements),” Khan was quoted as saying by Pradesh18.07-1438951429-sadhvi-prachi
He also stoked controversy when he said that he supports Hindus claim on Taj Mahal and dared Shiv Sena to demolish it like Babri Masjid.Azam Khan supports Taj Mahal was ‘Tejomahalay’, dares Shiv Sena to demolish it like Babri Masjid
When asked about his views on the claims that one of the world wonders Taj Mahal was actually ‘Tejomahalay’, a temple of Lord Shiva, Khan said he too supports such claims, but at the same time also dared Shiv Sena to go and demolish it like the contentious Babri Masjid structure.

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