Rift in Censor Board over list of ‘banned words’

13_thsri_pahlaj_2309848fMUMBAI: The Central Board of Film Certification on Friday witnessed a minor internal rift after a board member publicly criticised the statutory body for releasing a list of words and references that it wanted banned from films.
In a circular sent out to the regional offices (ROs) of the Censor Board, Pahlaj Nihalani, the chairman of the body, has listed out words and phrases that he feels are objectionable and abusive, and worthy of being deleted from films.
“It has been noticed that some of the objectionable words/abusive words are still to be deleted from the film,” read the order, which was also copied to all producer associations.
The circular also directs all ROs to not allow the use of such words in “any category of certificate” and mentions that the standard applied to even regional languages. The banned words include English and Hindi references.
While social media burst into taunts and criticism accusing Mr. Nihalani for denting a blow to “free speech,” unexpected censure also came from a board member, Ashok Pandit.
Objecting to the list of words ‘not to be used in film’ issued by Mr. Nihalani, Mr. Pandit called it “against the freedom and creative liberty of a filmmaker.”Mr. Pandit tweeted: “as a Filmmaker & #CBFC board member do not endorse the list issued by the Chairperson On words not to be used in films.I ws nt consulted.”

The list also includes the notification to change the name Bombay to Mumbai as per the Government of Maharashtra notification in the year 1996. The nomenclature of Maximum City was recently in news as the previous Censor Board under Leela Samson had deleted the word ‘Bombay’ from an English song by artiste Mihir Joshi.
The list also mentions that there should be no “double meaning words,” violence against women and bloodshed should not be glorified. Mr. Nihalani was not available for comment.

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