Rahul Under Scrutiny For Allegedly Saying ‘22,000 Will Be Killed If BJP Wins’

NEW DELHI : has been issued notice for allegedly saying that 22,000 people will be killed, if the BJP comes to power. The Congress vice president appears to have violated the code of conduct, the Election Commission has said, asking him for a response by Monday, when India’s mammoth national ends.rahul
Last week, Mr Gandhi had said at a rally in Himachal Pradesh, “People from Japan ask me… they say ‘we are scared about one issue. We will help you, we will build roads. But we are scared whether there will be peace… will people of India fight with each other?.. This fear is there in our hearts’… If the BJP comes to power, then there will be fighting… 22,000 will be killed. This is because they spread anger…this question was never raised before because people know our politics is that of harmony.”
The BJP complained to the Election Commission and submitted a CD of the speech and newspaper clippings.The Commission noted on Friday that “No party or candidate shall indulge in any activity which may aggravate existing differences or create mutual hatred.” It cited the election code of conduct, which bars political parties and candidates from making “distorted or unverified” allegations against other parties.
The notice comes at a time Mr Gandhi is also under scrutiny for entering polling booths in his Amethi constituency when voting was on. The Aam Aadmi Party, which has fielded Kumar Vishwas against him, tweeted pictures of Mr Gandhi inspecting electronic voting machines, or EVMs, in polling booths. The images sparked a debate on social media on the dos and don’ts of candidates in polling booths.
The Election Commission says it is examining the evidence to assess whether Mr Gandhi violated rules, but the BJP has alleged that the panel is soft on the Congress leader.

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