Michelle wants to come back, see the Taj

317458-michelleNEW DELHI : U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, may not have been able to visit the Taj Mahal during their visit, but the U.S. First Lady on Tuesday said she would want to come back with her daughters to see the monument of love.
Asked if she was disappointed at not being able to see the Taj, she said she was and would like to come back. She thanked the Indian side for its “hospitality,” and said she missed her daughters at the celebrations [Republic Day parade].
According to informed sources, President Obama was “impressed” and “bowled over” by the “diversity” and the “scale” of the parade.He had inquired with Minister-in-Waiting Piyush Goyal if the crowds at the Republic Day celebrations would be in the thousands and was informed they would be in the “lakhs.” He liked the tableau depicting the diversity of India.
The sources said the First Lady, who had no separate engagements, was “tired” not “bored” during the visit. The flight of the VVIP guests was delayed by fog for about four hours and it was for that reason that Mr. Obama arrived about 11 minutes late at the Rashtrapati Bhavan for inspecting the guard of honour.
The U.S. first couple inquired about the unseasonal rain, and was informed that in India rain was considered “auspicious.”

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