Media is sold out on Modi, will jail them, says Kejriwal

kejari-14NAGPUR : Arvind Kejriwal has once again launched a scathing attack on media, saying that they have been paid “heavy amount” to promote Narendra Modi. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief said he will send media to jail when his party comes to power.
Speaking at a fund-raising event last evening, Kejriwal said, “For the last one year our minds have been filled with Modi, Modi…Modi and some TV channels have been saying that corruption has ended, Ram Rajya has come, this has happened, that has happened; why? Because money has been paid, TV channels have been paid a heavy amount to promote Modi.”
“800 farmers have committed suicide in Gujarat in the last 10 years, this no one will tell; Adani has been sold land at Rs 1, this no channel will tell. Arvind has taken security, he has not taken security, has taken Z category, Y category, arre bhaad main gayi teri security, they will not reveal the truth about Modi,” Kejriwal said.Threatening action against the media, he said, “This time, the whole media has sold itself, it is a big conspiracy. If we ever form the government, we will probe this and everybody, including media personnel, would be sent to jail.” Kejriwal later denied having made statements against the media.
It is not the first time that Kejriwal has levelled serious charges against the media without any proof. The AAP has been crying foul whenever the media questioned it but the party chose to brush aside the expose on Kejirwal fixing contents of an interview with a journalist as a non-event. Kejriwal’s fund-raising event at a five-star hotel in the city was also not without controversies. Some Nagpurians said that those who paid Rs 10,000 to dine with Kejriwal should have donated that money to widows in Vidarbha’s suicide belt.

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