Gripped in Mamata’s `thesis of anarchy,’ Bengal’s political investors get scared

mamta-19KOLKATA: As unfolding Sharada Chit Fund scam trailing behind West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee with `global connections,’ like, inflation isn’t leaving behind BJP-led NDA Prime Minister Narendra Modi, under pressure TMC `scripting a political doom and resurrecting a horrible anarchic political future,’’ beginning to grip Bengal. “However, poor or battling lower middle-class would somewhat remain indifferent to Mamata Banerjee’s political thesis, but people who worry about State’s future, will be worried with her anarchic thesis,’’ said a veteran political commentator. Interestingly, her recent thesis of joining hands with “discredited CPI(M)-led left’’ which gave later to get political mileage by rejecting it, not only “exposed Mamata Banerjee’s opportunism as she sensed a ground swell for BJP which she might see as escape route from an immediate threat,’’ said a top Marxist leader, adding, “yet she wouldn’t come up with an economic alternative to get voters to back her up amidst the economic depression gripping Bengal, despite her promise of floodgate of FDI from Singapore!’’ “If economic reform and FDI happen to be a dear one to Modi, so political opportunism whether it pays for the state happens to be Mamata Banerjee,’’ said a State Congress leader. Incidentally, the state BJP finds nothing unusual “for Mamata Banerjee, after all she is a Congress-type, so we aren’t surprised with her offer to Left in a private TV channel interview.’’ “I think former chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, despite being politically humiliated, leveled charges which sound rational to educated people. “They want alliance with us after destroying everything that distinguished Bengal by inducting hooligans from every sphere of life.’’ Interesting, his party which economically and culturally destroyed Bengal so well couldn’t be faulted with is summing up of Mamata Banerjee, quipped a disenchanted CPI(M) old hand.

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