Gold bars, cash found in Kendriya Vidyalaya school lockers

gold_1541836fAHMEDABAD: Cash worth Rs. 1 crore and gold bars estimated Rs. 59 lakh were found in unused staff lockers of Kendriya Vidyalaya situated on ONGC campus in Chandkheda area here, the police said on Sunday.
The incident occurred on Saturday when a cleanliness drive was being conducted under the leadership of school principal Awadhesh Kumar.“While cleaning, Mr. Kumar and his staff spotted a locker stack in teachers’ room, which was lying unused and gathering dust. The principal staff to open each locker to clean them.
Out of 20-odd lockers, staff could not find keys of five lockers,” said Chandkheda police inspector K K Desai. Mr. Kumar then ordered his staff to break these lockers open and found one bag each from two lockers, he said. “They found Rs 1 crore cash from one bag and 21 gold bars of 100 grams each from another bag (in another locker).
According to police, these lockers were given to teachers and to other staff members to store their belongings. However, there was no record available about who used which locker.

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