December 11 is the most popular day of the year to conceive

pregnancy-mortalityLONDON: The experts have revealed that September 16 is the most common birthday in the UK, December 11 is the mostpopular day of the year toconceive.
Psychologist Becky Spelman at We-Vibe reveals Christmas, which is not the time of year to start worrying about diets and the amount of alcohol one is consuming, seems to be the horniest time of the year for people, the Daily Star reported.
Spelman suggests the singletons, who want to meet and mingle, to say anything they think of that they can share with people in their surroundings, some people will be very open to conversation, and others won’t.
Spelman added that the more conversations one starts the better because it’s a great way of desensitizing oneself from the fear of rejection, adding that by maintaining eye contact that directs one’s positive energy towards others, people are more likely to get drawn.

Spelman also suggested that the office Christmas party is the ideal time to turn that gentle flirtation with your colleague into fruition under the mistletoe because you know this person, you know their strengths and their weaknesses and you accept them for who they are. You know what makes them angry, you know what upsets them but you also know their value.
Spelman added that since December can be a stressful time with so much shopping to be done, couples should take a night off from organising the Christmas dinner to go with the flow and requesting a massage off your partner can help ease any tension you are carrying from the stress of the day.
Spelman also suggested not to over-think things and just focus on the present and spending quality time with your partner and asked to run a nice warm bubble bath and relax together rather than rushing into sex.

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