Congress slams Dwivedi, says Narendra Modi not a symbol of Indianness

16539592.cmsNEW DELHI : In a strong rebuttal, the Congress on Thursday slammed senior party leader Janardan Dwivedi for terming Narendra Modi-led BJP’s victory in Lok Sabha polls as a victory of Indianness.
Addressing a press conference in the national capital, Congress’ chief spokesperson Ajay Maken minced no words to express party’s strong disapproval of Dwivedi’s views.
“The recent statement given by Janardan Dwivedi ji is being considered as ‘Modi ji’s win is a victory of Indianness. What he (Janardan Dwivedi) has said is definitely not the viewpoint of Congress,” Maken said.
Quoting Swami Vivekananda and Indira Gandhi, Maken said, “In no way is Narendra Modi a symbol of Indianess as we understand it.”On action against Dwivedi, Maken said, “Congress’ Party leadership will discuss about the disciplinary action against him.”
Issuing a fresh clarification after the party took a stern view of his statement, Dwivedi said, “I never meant all this (about his Modi praise). I have been misquoted.
“I had said that Modi Ji and the BJP had managed to convey to the people that they were closer to them and that they represent Indianness and we (Congress) failed to do so that’s why it’s our failure,” he said at a press conference.
“I never said that Modi is the symbol of Indianness…Who has said Modi is a symbol of Indianess? These are not my words.  I know very well what Indianness is,” Dwivedi said.
Party General Secretary Dwivedi had stirred a controversy, yesterday, after he was quoted by a portal as saying that Modi has started a “new era.”
“Modi has been successful in convincing people that from a social point of view, he is closest to Indian citizens. His is a victory of Indianness”, Dwivedi was quoted in the interview as saying. He was sharing his view from the premise of Indian voters as they see Modi, the portal said.
Yesterday, Dwivedi claimed that he was quoted out of context. He said in an “objective” analysis that the election results of 2014 was not the victory of Modi or BJP but defeat of Congress. He said that Modi and the BJP succeeded in projecting that they were closer to Indian people and presented their victory as that of Indianness. “The voters felt like that”.
He said that what he had said in the interview was that BJP’s victory has ushered in a new time which has brought forth a very big challenge before Congress and there is no scope for any misunderstanding over the issue.

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