Congress, Defeated, Claims “But There is No Modi Wave Either”

PM_Modi_650_namaste_PTINEW DELHI : The Congress, reduced to third place in Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand, said today that while it is disappointed with the results, it should be noted that the “Modi wave” is in absentia in these crucial state elections.
“The BJP’s Mission 44 has been reduced to just half that in Jammu and Kashmir,” said Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha, adding his own party’s position in the state remains unchanged since the 2009 election.
Analysts appearing on NDTV predicted a coalition government between the BJP and Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s PDP.
Results at 11 am showed the Congress landing 17 seats in Jammu and Kashmir, with the BJP and the PDP tied at 24 each. Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s party, the National Conference, was in fourth place at 11 am. The state legislature has 87 seats, so a coalition government will have to be formed. With a gain of nearly 11 seats, the BJP has delivered a huge performance, especially in the Hindu-majority Jammu region, though the expansive and vigorous campaign led by the Prime Minister asked voters to give his party 44 seats, allowing it a majority.
“The Modi wave is missing… the results show the hype has not delivered,” said Mr Jha of the Congress. But top BJP leaders like Rajnath Singh asserted, “We will form the government in both states.”
In Jharkhand, the BJP is near certain to form the government. It seems set to get 38 of the state’s 81 seats.

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