Arvind Kejriwal asks Delhi to join 10-day protest

aravind-20NEW DELHI : Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today defied police orders to launch a 10-day protest against the Delhi Police in the heart of the city, creating a traffic nightmare, and causing the shutdown of four major metro stations.
Mr Kejriwal, who plans to spend the night at the demonstration, urged the public to join him in demanding police reforms, starting with the removal of three police officers who refused to carry out a series of arrests on the orders of Delhi’s Law Minister, Somnath Bharti.
Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has said there is no question of any action till an enquiry is completed. Mr Kejriwal says that’s unacceptable.
“Some people say that I’m an anarchist creating disorder. Yes, I’m an anarchist,” Mr Kejriwal shouted this morning after he was stopped by the police from driving upto the Home Ministry.  His sit-in is being held just an 10-minute walk away.
In the evening, leaders from his party were seen on camera arguing aggressively with the police about allegedly beating up their supporters including a law-maker named Akhilesh Tripathi, who was injured and moved to hospital. More than 4,000 cops and several anti-riot vehicles were posted at the venue.
Mr Kejriwal says the Delhi government must be given charge of the city’s police force which currently reports to the union government via the Home Ministry. His demand comes after last week’s gang-rape of a Danish tourist, and a controversial midnight raid by the Law Minister in a South Delhi neighbourhood.
The minister asked the police to arrest Ugandan citizens and raid a house where he alleged they were trafficking drugs and sex. The police refused, saying they had no warrant.

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