AAP wants you as its valentine

Kejriwal_PTINEW DELHI : It may be fighting a gritty battle for its anti-graft Jan Lokpal Bill in the Delhi Assembly, but that has not stopped the Aam Aadmi Party from giving a canny twist to Valentine’s Day. It has sought donations in the name of love – “Love for our nation and its people.”
“Today, let’s celebrate the love and renew our commitment to take our revolution all the way to final goal of Swaraj!” says the party in a letter sent out with the appeal for a donation of Rs. 1402 or more. For those who miss it, the amount denotes the date – February 14.
Love for the nation, says AAP, “turned into a Revolution on Nov 2012 and all of us have been together since. This revolution is not only about strengthening the democratic roots of our nation and fighting the unjust system which is ailing her but to bring real prosperity, peace and justice to all.”
Activist turned politician Arvind Kejriwal launched the Aam Aadmi Party in November 2012. A year later the party made a spectacular debut in the Delhi Assembly elections and formed a minority government backed by the Congress last month. It now plans to contest over 350 seats in the general elections due by May.
AAP says its politics is funded entirely with “clean money” donated by the public.
The party’s Valentine’s Day letter is titled- “Love is in the air.”
That cannot be said though about the Delhi Assembly right now, where Mr Kejriwal’s party is engaged in a pitched  battle with others over his pet Jan Lokpal Bill today. He introduced the bill amid much shouting and chaos this afternoon and is under sharp attack from both the Congress and the BJP for the way he has done it.

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