A British Govt friend? Bengal Secondary history book calls revolutionaries `terrorists’

westbengal-top-imgKOLKATA:  A British Govt friend? Now Bengal Secondary history book terms revolutionaries as `terrorists.’ It may surprise Indian and even British or American historians who often attempt writing books on Indian Freedom Movement though it may enthrall British Government who would enjoy that “at least present Bengal Government followed their way of following the prejudiced terming of numerous young men who laid down their lives for their motherland against their rule,’’ commented a noted historian who was taken aback by the way a Class VIII history book described the great martyrs.
A chapter devoted to describe revolutionary movement and its great sons as `terrorists’ and the chapter described it by inference they (revolutionaries) did nothing and virtually written them off as mere terrorists.Incidentally, the list includes, first teenage Indian Nineteenth Century martyr Khukdiram Basu, Prafulla Chaki and then Benoy, Badal Dinesh!
Interestingly, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s aversion to extremist freedom fighters was apparent from the beginning of her rule, almost like Congress.As for example, when most important colonial administrative headquarters Writers’ Buildings, armed to teeth, was attacked by Binoy, Badal and Dinesh and engaged British security forces in Varanda Battle, it shook India
After she came to power, she personally saw to it that their portraits were removed from Writers’ Buildings! Though no local media covered the event!“It’s actually, Left created new Bengali middle-class’ sheer indifference to nationalism and history, encouraged Mamata Banerjee to script a Congress and Communist interpretation of India’s Freedom Movement as real. Now, we have ministers’ room with massive portraits of Mamata Banerjee, it had to come and getting history writers isn’t a tough job in India Congress did it, when CPI was important, they followed Congress prescription, we will see what BJP does now,’’ said a top former CPI leader.
Even a top Anglo-American biographer of Gandhi who often turns a devotee, “will think twice before describing these men in bad words as extremists who embraced death for nation,’’ he added, saying. “and new Bengal Government have their agenda.’’

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