900 Cars Set on Fire Here to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

France_New_Year_650_APPARIS: France’s Interior Ministry says 940 cars were set alight by revelers ringing in the New Year – 12 percent fewer than the 1,067 set aflame last year. The figures issued on Thursday show that, despite the dip, setting fire to parked cars remains a firmly entrenched way for some French to send out the old and ring in the new. Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet said on BFM-TV that numerous cars were burned around the country, particularly in the east, as well as in suburban Paris, notably the Seine-Saint-Denis region – where fiery riots around France started in 2005. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Parisians thronged the tightly guarded Champs-Elysees Avenue to welcome 2015.

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