Woh (A K Antony) Spineless Aadmi Hai Bechara: Gulam Nabi Azad

NEW DELHI, April 8.- Democratic Progressive Azad Party chief Ghulam Nabi Azad has, for the first time, disclosed why Sonia Gandhi declined to become Prime Minister in 2004, and why Rahul was preferred over Priyanka to join politics first.  Appearing in Rajat Sharma’s iconic show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, to be telecast tonight at 10 pm on India TV, Azad reserved his caustic remarks about Rahul Gandhi, but spared Sonia Gandhi and her daughter Priyanka.
When Rajat Sharma asked him whether Sonia declined to become PM because she belonged to minority community, Azad replied: “Neither she considers herself as one from minority, nor anybody thinks so. She married a person from majority community. Sonia ji practises Hindu religion at home. But her family had problems (on Sonia becoming PM). Because Sushma Ji (Swaraj) had threatened to shave her hair and travel throughout the country. I think the (Gandhi) family became afraid because a fresh controversy might have cropped up. The party had returned to power after much difficulty.”
Rajat Sharma: Did you ever talk to Sonia Ji about this? Azad: I know, but there are some matters relating to their family, on which I would not like to elaborate.
Rajat Sharma: You had met Left, Samajwadi, BSP leaders and had told them that Sonia ji is going to become PM?
Azad: We were 3-4 persons, Mrs. Gandhi, Pranab Da, Ahmed Bhai and me. I did not go to the evening meeting, where they said they had family compulsions.
Rajat Sharma: Why did they select Dr Manmohan Singh?
Azad: Shareef Aadmi They (he was a nice man). Padhe Likhey they ( he was well read. Bahut Bade Vidwan They ( a learned man). He was a good Finance Minister. I was then Tourism Minister. We struck a good relationship. Bahut Imaandar They (He was very honest).
Rajat Sharma: Didn’t you ever think that if Pranab Mukherjee was selected, he could have governed the nation better.?
Azad: Compatibility mattered about the person who was being selected . Manmohan Singh Ji had created a good image as a finance minister. Even though Narasimha Rao was PM, people trusted the Finance Minister. He was a world-renowned economist. Rajat Sharma: It was widely popularized that Dr Singh was made PM because he came from a minority community?
Azad: Sikhs are not the real minority. The real minority are whom, you know it very well. Rajat Sharma: Leaders like A K Antony have also said ‘we need Hindus’?
Azad:  Woh Spineless Aadmi Hai Bechara.
Rajat Sharma: Like Congress spokesperson Surjewala saying that Rahul Gandhi is not only Hindu, he is a Janeudhari Hindu?
Azad: And yet PM is Modi, not him.
On the question why it took so late for Priyanka Gandhi to enter active politics first, Azad replied, it was the family’s decision. He said, ‘It was their family matter. The family decided to bring the son only, and not the daughter.’
Rajat Sharma: She came to politics later, but keeps a low profile?
Azad: Yeah, I think they thought since one cannot row the boat alone, let two persons row.
Rajat Sharma: But Priyanka always had the desire to join politics?
Azad: Bilkul.
Rajat Sharma: And Rahul had no interest?
Azad: I don’t know till he became MP. As far as Priyanka is concerned, I can tell, when Rajiv Ji was Prime Minister, I was the general secretary, sometimes our meetings went on till 2 am, He is used to go inside and bring what was left for dinner. I said, they might be sleeping inside, He said, no, the daughter is waiting. Daughters always wait, like my daughter. There’s nothing wrong in it. …She used to stay awake till 2 am and used to peep in to see whether we were still working. So, I saw this aptitude in her.
Rajat Sharma: Now, since Sonia Ji’s health is not well, she may not contest from Rae Bareli and Priyanka may contest?
Azad: That’s their family affair. I have nothing to say.
Rajat Sharma: You know their family very well?
Azad: Look, I am speaking about politics, not about their home. I will never speak about their family matters ever.
Rajat Sharma; There is one other family member, Robert Vadra.
Azad: No, I will not talk about him.
Rajat Sharma: No, he (Robert) said, he wants to join politics because he has done much service for the public and would perform very well?
Azad: Look, There are lakhs of people in politics. In our elected panchayati raj, there are 10 to 20 lakh people, including ladies. There are thousands elected at block, district, MLA level. That is also politics.
Rajat Sharma: No, when the (Gandhi) family people enter politics, they hold big responsibilities in Congress party?
Azad:  Ab Jo Hai, Pahle Woh Sambhal Le (Those who are already there, let them look after the party first.
When Rajat Sharma asked Azad, why he was never chosen as Congress President, since he hailed from minority community, Azad replied: “I have written about Congress history in my book. Before independence, during the 60 to 65 years of party history, there were 12 to 13 Congress presidents who belonged to minority, but in the last 75 years since independence, there has not been a single party president from minority.  If they had wanted, they could have made one.
Rajat Sharma: Why didn’t they make one?
Azad: I told you. There is no point only parroting the word secularism. You must act on your word.
Rajat Sharma: Who do you think can lead the party now, take it forward?
Azad: This ‘ladhai’ (fight) is going on for 6-7 years. We elected Rahul Gandhi Ji. Sonia Ji wanted, and we made him Vice-President of the party, and then working president, but he resigned midway. At whose instance, I will not say.
Rajat Sharma: At least, please reveal it now.
Azad: There are some matters, we should not lose our dignity.

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