Increasing criminalization of politics abet custody killings in India

indexKOLKATA: Increasing criminalization of politics `abet custody killings by law keepers in India.’ Talking to a top leader of Human Rights Watch (HRW), a global agency,  admitted when present writer asked Ms M Ganguly, if they have watched the trend that the political groups in power leave the criminals in opposite side unprotected in jails `where they are often tortured  to death in custody.’
Yes, we should rather watch this trend and would get a more original reason why this custody death stories do not end in Indian jails despite radical changes in Indian society, especially among the middle-class who are educated and expected to be more enlightened. Perhaps it has become rather an old fashioned theme to talk about,’’ HRW Indian Chairman Ms M Ganguly quipped in Kolkata Press Club  after the after presenting a grim report on the issue.
The report said since 2010 to 2015 number of custody killings stood at 591 and even “intervention by National Human Rights Commission proved week to penalize the violators of law.’’It’s a sad story, And Indian Government should realize these custody deaths are helping India earn a bad name, globally,’’ said another top official of rights’ group.
Simple truth is they want confessions from the criminals or for some reasons or other, they torture them to death, violating hiegest court orders and laws,’’ admitted another former Justice Molay Sen who was present during report presentation.

bodies set up by jail authorities often try to fudge truths to try to protect  criminal officers,’’ said another senior official of HRW.So what would its end? The same negative reports would keep appearing every year and we have many top politicians ignoring them. Even ignoring criminals being protected and other group being left unprotected in jails?’’ it’s a question we would like to ask to all.

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