Top KLO leaders nabbed in Darjeeling

Kamtapur Liberation Organisation's Flag
Kamtapur Liberation Organisation’s Flag

KOLKATA/DARJEELING: In a major breakthrough North Bengal Police nabbed two top Kamtapur Liberation Organisation (KLO) leaders from Darjeeling’s Fanshidaw and Leechu Bagan area today noon.
Top police official, IG Javed Samin, who later briefed the media, said both Tom Adhikari and Ninalamber Rajbanshi were nabbed while they were coming on a motorcycle. Police recovered several mobile phones and over 41 sim cards from them. Both were booked under anti-secessionist law.
Top officials, now involved for over two months now in an intensified campaign against KLO armed cardres said: “Both Tom and Nilambar were top leaders while former planned out terrorist activities and latter kept a watch on arranging funds for the organization.’’
The officials of special team carrying out campaign against KLO, an extremist organization for separate homeland in Coochbehar, said: “Interrogation would also reveal the real strength of the KLO, its plans and clues about other top leaders in North Bengal.’’
Incidentally, Tom, alias Jaidev Ray, KLO vice-chairman, was arrested after Operation Flash Out in Bhutan in 2001, and once he was released from jail in 2012 again went into hiding.
“It’s a major breakthrough as they would reveal several things about their operational roadmap,’’ said a top anti-terrorist North Bengal police team official.
Earlier there was a news that both were arrested in Nepal “but we do not know how despite the arrest they could escape police there.’’

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