Swine flu scare in India: 100 dead in 3 days, 585 deaths this year

326090-aslNEW DELHI : Swine flu has become a major health scare in India and is assuming serious proportions in the country with over 500 people succumbing to the fatal disease. The death toll from swine flu this year has soared to 585 with 100 more casualties reported across the country in three days since Feb. 12.A total of 8,423 people have contracted swine flu this year in the country.
Till February 12, the total number of swine flu deaths had stood at 485. According to the latest official data released, 100 more people succumbed to the H1N1 virus in the three days till Feb. 15, taking the toll to 585.
The worst affected states are Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra with their respective tolls standing at 165, 144, 76 and 58 according to official figures. ASSOCHAM estimates that tourism in Rajasthan and Maharashtra has taken a big hit with losses of over Rs 5500 crore due to swine flu.
Punjab has the highest ratio of the number of deaths to those affected by the disease. Thus, 25 of the 68 people who contracted the virus in the state this year have succumbed to swine flu. Delhi and Tamil Nadu too have reported a high incidence of swine flu cases but the death toll in the two states is relatively low due to high level of awareness and a better developed health sector.
“The government has already placed an order for enhancing stocks of diagnostic kits for testing for the H1N1 virus to be supplied to the lab network under Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme.
“To enhance the level of preparedness, additional stocks of the drug, Oseltamivir, and 10,000 N-95 masks are also being procured,” an official statement said.
Health Minister JP Nadda has asked people not to panic and be cautious and alert about it.

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