`Secularism, development and progress,’ TMC clothes old themes in new colour

TMCKOLKATA:  Taking out her brand of leftism, as Trinamool Congress released its 2014 general elections manifesto at Mamata Banerjee’s South Kolkata residence, party leader keeping `Telengana division’ and Gorkha Janmukti Morcha’s support to BJP candidate from Darjeeling in mind, has been empathetic “that no state could be split without permission of State Government.’’
Released in two parts – one dealing with India putting Bengal secularism, development progress as an all India model “scripted by Mamata Banerjee Government in West Bengal’’ and second for a new Bengal, her party had also laid focus on appeal to voters to help TMC candidates to win against Congress, BJP and CPI(M) candidates “so that her party can back a new government not linked to `communal BJP, corrupt and failed Congress-led UPA II Government.’’
“We are talking to several political leaders of neighbouring non-BJP and -Congress governments but I cannot disclose now,’’ (indicating not before election results are out), said Mamata Banerjee.
Coming down to economic theme not complicated by big metaphors of global models she said: “We have planned out a pro-people, pro-peasant and pro-industry economic policy for all.’’However, like Telengana issue, she also made it clear that Land Acquisition issues should be reworked by the new Government at the centre.
Besides, she focused on corruption less, transparent Government which would back for administrative, judicial and electoral reforms.
transparent and a corruption-free India.
Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee, who officially released the document, attacked the Congress, BJP and CPI(M), saying they have “lost their political credibility.’’
Underscoring the urgent need for electoral reforms, she called for state funding of elections as a part of the fight against corruption.
“We believe that the fundamental values and traditions of India should be honoured. We have to work with the youth,’’ she said.
“From economy to external affairs, we have tried to give an all India perspective of our policies,’’ said Banerjee, adding, it contained policies which the party would be able to implement if a “Trinamool Congress led government came to power.’’

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