Man can’t touch his ‘creamy’ wife!

wifeLONDON: A man in Britain suffers from a very weird problem – whenever he tries to get close to his wife he ends up running away.Darren Young has an allergy with the chemical, known as polyethylene glycol, which is generally found in body creams.
Any contact of the 45-year-old from Sprotbrough, South Yorkshire with the chemical results in body swells.
So, he can only come in physical contact with his wife Sue when she is free of all creams.”When it comes to bedtime Sue doesn“t need a headache as an excuse. She just says she has been using body lotion and it might kill me,” a news daily quoted him as saying.
He added, “It`s not just Sue – I can get a reaction if I go into a pub or a restaurant where a woman has been sitting. The doctors don`t really know why it has suddenly happened.”
Darren had first learnt that he suffered from the allergy when he was given a steroid injection containing polyethylene glycol for some foot problem.During the instance he had to be resuscitated after his face swelled up, and his heart stopped beating.

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