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Kejriwal govt allocates Rs 25 crore for Chhath puja Celebration

NEW DELHI : The Delhi government has made grand preparations for Chhath Puja at around 1,100 sites and allocated Rs 25 crore for the festival, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Friday.. Chhath will be celebrated on October 30 and 31.

He said the government is planning to celebrate the puja in a grand manner after two years of muted festivities due to the pandemic. “Earlier, in 2014, the puja was celebrated at 69 places with a budget allocation of Rs just 2.5 crore but this time it will be celebrated at 1100 places across the city and the entire cost will be borne by the government. Delhi Govt has allocated Rs 25 crore for Chatth this year,” he said.

During a digital media briefing, the chief minister said his government has made preparations such as washrooms, ambulances, first-aid and power backup at the sites. He stressed that the Delhi Police was fully supporting in the security aspect and CCTV cameras would be installed at various locations.
“For the last two years, the festivities were affected due to the pandemic. Since the formation of our government in 2014, the celebrations have become bigger. Earlier before we came to power, the government would allocate Rs 2.5 crore for making preparations at 69 sites, but now, the budget has grown to 25 crore and the sites to 1,100,” Kejriwal said.
He urged people to pray to Chhathi Maiyya not just for themselves but for the country for relief from the coronavirus. “The intensity of the infection may have reduced but the infection is still there. Please follow Covid-appropriate behaviour and wear a mask. Fines might have gone but please follow the rules,” Kejriwal said.

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