Huge turnouts may bring hope for Bengal parties, but nothing real for desperate voters

KOLKATA: As weather office predicted today rains coming as relief from an unprecedented spell of summer heat, there isn’t really any relief yet from a dull squall of  poll campaigns dominated by failure of Congress and CPI(M)-led Left to inspire adequate and enough interest among voters to fight back Trinamool Congress’ cleche electioneering and slogans and triggering a spell of  `dirty personal attacks’ which didn’t inspire voters either though there was huge turnout of voters in first two rounds of polling.cpm
“This isn’t because of a real glossy hope in rural Bengal or urban areas, but more inspired by a despair come what may from a cruel economic policy afflicting common man from tyranny of Congress-imposed inflation, and Left’s obsession with an alternative failed experiment with Third Front which never delivered any good,’’ said a Left-leaning intellectual and veteran political commentator.
Though there’s a speculation that BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi might swoop in once more but it could not either add to any change in interest in political depression for remaining rounds in Bengal.Interestingly, if Left failed to bring up a real oppositional wave, Congress’ top leaders slogans and failed nation-wide self-defence electioneering didn’t bring either any hope of electoral prospects for the party or electoral fortune, presumably.
The political analyists didn’t  yet start then which party would emerge at politically advantage point after the outcome, but fears of uncertainty looms large among political observers.With Saradha scam-afflicted people’s joining suicides as escape route, a top intellectual and former physics professor of Jadavpur University Dr Sujay Basu told this reporter “It’s difficult to fathom whom to trust, who would serve the real cause of people.’’tmc
Thus Election Commission might hire and beautify a tram today to tell a little indifferent voters of Kolkata why they need to vote, but return of real interest in voters – “desperate  desire for a change from Congress-self styled theory of democracy and Left’s failed Stalinistic  experiments of 34 years and Mamata Banerjee’s over-riding desire to dominate election scene, may land TMC at advantage point, but will not build a solid infrastructure of greater democracy in Bengal,’’ said another political observer.

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