History repeats: State Congress-CPI(M) `come close’ over Bengal RS candidate

indexKOLKATA: Politically cornered by uncertainties of electoral spin-offs, the “inevitable happened!’’ The CPI(M)-Congress came unexpectedly near in an “unofficial tie-up’’ over an independent candidate for the Rajya Sabha from West Bengal Assembly.
The Congress, which decided not to give in to Trinamool Congress’ attempt to split party MLAs votes, over TMC’s fourth RS candidate, agreed with CPI(M) proposal to back SS Mahaliabadi who would be batting for both the parties – Left and Right.
“I just do not want to comment on the issue,’’ said an irritated senior Pradesh Congress leader when asked: “if the party MLAs would back up such a tie-up?’’
But CPI(M), which has enough strength to carry through its RS candidate R Bandhopadhya, has promised to back Congress supported SS Mahaliabadi an independent candidate! Interestingly, the Congress which has 42 MLAs decided not to field any party candidate (unless they change their mind at the last moment) and CPI(M) has extra 11 votes after it gets its R Bandhopadhaya through promised much needed help.
But “we do not see all Left parties, Forward Bloc, RSP and CPI would agree to such scandalous tie-up,’’ said a frustrated CPI(M) veteran.
Incidentally, none of the Left Front partners did not react. “But silence isn’t a good sign for us,’’ said the veteran, adding, “barring CPI, a more CPI(M) inclined partner, Forward Bloc and RSP may not share our unofficial tie-up with Congress.’’

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