Hasina’s failure to reign in Jaamat `financially’ turns party men her critics

downloadKolkata: With Awami League failing to reign in Jaamat-inspired violence on minorities in Bangladesh in absolute terms, Awami League insiders began to blame party leader Sheikh Hasina Wajed “for not taking bulls by the horns.’’
“Though there are so many legal ways to deal that terrorist organisation, after Bangladesh Supreme Court recently declared Jaamat as `terrorist organisation and declared it as illegal’, cancelling its registration,’’ a party insider told this reporter.
What to him seemed so strange that Hasina Government hasn’t so far taken any concrete measure to arrest the growing financial strength of Jaamat, he observed with surprise.
According to the critics of Hasina within party, Government has failed to take care of Jaamat’s growing financial strength, “though we do not know exactly why?’’
“As for example, Hasina isn’t bothered about Supreme Court judgement and did not react to Jaamat-run Islamic Bank(s) which is controlled by the fundamentalist organisation for a little less than four-decade? After court judgement, Government could have nationalised the Islamic Bank(s) and all its 300 or more branches in the country that would have put a check to Jaamat’s strength to fund fundamentalist activities,’’ he said.
Incidentally, Islamic Bank spend not a single penny for uplift of poor or “for nation’s socio-economic development,’’ it, of course, provides help to people who need to go to foreign lands like Saudi and Arab countries
Who do not have money “but no other activities,’’ revealed another Awami Leaguer.
Incidentally, Jaamat known to have openly opposed Independence in 1971 of the nation from Pakistan, has been quite close to Pak agency ISI and “even Indian security bosses believe that Jaamat also funds terrorist activities across the border as critics of Hasina within party feel and they acquire financial strength from these banks. We do not blame bank clients as they operate as normal clients,’’ he said, adding, “the bank nationalisation would have thus brought Jaamat finances under state control and that would have weakened its strength.’’
So whatever administrative measures so far Hasina wants to take “would fall flat’’ said a senior Indian security official reacting to blames levelled by dissident Awami Leagures

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