CBI to Probe UP Engineer Who Had Assets Worth Rs. 10,000 Cr

Noida_bureaucrat_raids650NEW DELHIIndias A millionaire bureaucrat in Uttar Pradesh, Yadav Singh, will be investigated by the CBI in connection with his massive wealth.
A Special Investigation Team or SIT on black money has asked the CBI to take over the case against Mr Singh, a government chief engineer who has allegedly racked up thousands of crores illegally.
Assets worth Rs. 10,000 crore, impossible on a government salary, were found during tax raids at Mr Singh’s home in Noida in December.
According to Sources the SIT had asked the Uttar Pradesh government to hand over his case to the CBI but nothing was done.During raids, Income Tax officers found diamonds worth Rs. 100 crore, two kilos of gold, crores in cash and 20 properties to Mr Singh’s name. The team also found documents of 40 fake companies in his wife’s name.
The source of his fabulous wealth could be a scam worth crores, officials believe.Mr Singh was once in charge of the Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway authorities. He began in 1980 as junior engineer, and in two decades, had shot up to Chief Engineer. In 2012, the Samajwadi Party government suspended him for alleged corruption. A few months later, he was allegedly reinstated with even more powers.

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