Arson attack on German newspaper that printed Charlie Hebdo cartoons

300714-paris-shooting-newspaper-reutersBERLIN: A building of German newspaper Hamburger Morgenpost was the target of an arson attack and two suspects were arrested, police said on Sunday.
Like many other German newspapers, Hamburger Morgenpost had printed cartoons of French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo after the deadly attack on Wednesday in Paris.
A police spokeswoman said that an incendiary device was thrown at the newspaper building in the night and documents were burned inside. Two suspects were arrested near the crime scene because they behaved in an unusual manner, she added.
The newspaper said on its web page that there were no people inside the building when the attack happened. Whether the arson attack was connected to the Charlie Hebdo cartoons was still under investigation, the paper added.
Police said state security had taken over the investigations.

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