Ahead of Parliament session, Centre calls an all party meet today

parliamentNEW DELHI : Ahead of the upcoming parliamentary session starting on February 5, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath has called for an all party meeting on Monday with an aim push through its anti-graft bills. This is the last session before the Lok Sabha elections that are to be held this year.
The agenda of this session of Parliament includes the passing of 6 anti-corruption bills that are pending since the winter session.Bills like the Prevention of Corruption Amendment Bill and the Public Procurement Bill are with the standing committee. The Whistleblower Protection Bill and the Judicial Standard and Accountability Bill have been passed by the Lok Sabha but they are pending in the Rajya Sabha.
The Rights of citizens for time bound delivery of goods and services and redressal of their grievances Bill and the Prevention of bribery of foreign public official and officials of public international organization Bill also have to be taken up by the Lok Sabha.

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