88-year-old Congress veteran ND Tiwari marries Ujjwala Sharma

ndtLUCKNOW: Two months after ND Tiwari admitted that Rohit Shekhar is his biological son, the 89-year-old Congress veteran leader married Ujjwala Sharma at his residence in Lucknow.Sharma, a former college professor in Delhi, is the mother of Rohit Shekhar.The 67-year-old Ujjwala had earlier deposed that at the time of Rohit’s birth, she had talked to the Congress leader regarding giving his name as the father of the child, but she was “not allowed” to do so.
“At the time of birth of the child (Rohit) as well as at the time of his admission, I talked to defendant No 1(Tiwari), I wanted to give his name as father but on his pursuasion, taking his political career into consideration, I was not allowed to do that because he assured me that he intended to adopt the child and I trusted him,” she had said.
The Delhi High Court on July 27, 2012, read out a DNA report in the case, according to which Tiwari was Shekhar’s biological father.The HC had also dismissed a plea by Tiwari seeking mediation in the paternity suit.The former governor of Andhra Pradesh and chief minister of Uttar Pradesh was dragged to court for the first time in the year 2008 by the 34-year-old young man, alleging him to be his father.
In 2012, Tiwari was forced to give samples of his DNA for a paternity test which established he had fathered Shekhar.Tiwari’s admission came after the mother-son duo met him at Uttarakhand Sadan in New Delhi in March. During the meeting, the 88-year-old Tiwari acknowledged Rohit as his son.“I accept him (Rohit Shekhar) as my son. It was already proved two years ago when my DNA matched with his. I am proud of my association with this great family. Whatever it has been, I want to put the matter at rest and publicly accept him as my biological son,” Tiwari had said

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