Shaheen Bagh protesters to make way for funeral procession

843775-funeralNEW DELHI: At Shaheen Bagh, the site in New Delhi where anti-CAA protests have been going on for almost two months, demonstrators on Sunday pushed away barricades themselves to make way for a funeral procession.
In a video, which has gone viral since morning, the protesters can be seen removing barricades to allow the funeral procession of a Hindu person to pass. The protesters, however, said that there was nothing unusual about the incident and it was done out of mutual respect.

“We respect each other and by allowing the procession to pass through, we have not done anything unusual. We have allowed buses and ambulances also,” Shaheen, said one of the protesters in Shaheen Bagh.
The Shaheen Bagh area of Delhi had lately gained nationwide attention due to a continued anti-CAA sit-in by people, especially Muslim women against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Population Register and National Register of Citi, (zeenews),

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