Rs 80,000 crore package for Kashmir P M Modi says will revive its glory days

392860-modi-kashmir-aniSRINAGAR: PM Narendra Modi on Saturday spoke at a public meeting in Srinagar, during a highly anticipated visit that saw massive security arrangements.
“It is my privilege to come to Kashmir, this land draws me here,” Modi said according to a News Agency.”Last year during the floods, when Jammu and Kashmir was suffering, I was feeling the pain too. When Diwali came last year, it would have been easy for me to celebrate with friends in Delhi, but I decided to come to J&K,” he added.
“My mother used to give me Rs 5 or Rs 11 on my birthday. She never gave me more than Rs 11. But last year she gave me Rs 5000 for the flood-affected people of Kashmir. Ye sanskaar ki taakat hai jo mujhe aapke dukh dard ko baantne ki prerna aur taakat deti hai (It is because of my upbringing that I find the motivation and strength to share your pain,” Modi said.
Highlighting the ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ slogan, the Prime Minister said that he wants the entire country to be involved in the progress and development of Kashmir.
In an oblique criticism of militancy in Kashmir, and indicating the government efforts to boost state tourism, Modi said, “I want to bring back those days when the rest of India used to look forward to come and visit Kashmir”.
“Kashmir has suffered a lot over the years, generations have seen their dreams being crushed. Main uss vishwas ko lekar nikla hoon ki mera Kashmir firse ek baar, wo hi jannat, wo din main apni aakhon key saamne dekh raha hoon (I firmly believe that Kashmir will once again be the heaven that it was in the past. I can see the bright future before my eyes,” he said.
Alluding to the Transparency International report about India now being a less corrupt country than China, Modi said, “Some people said India would never catch up with China. But today, they say India is not only catching up but leading China. I do not just dream of a bright future. I am trying to make that dream a reality.”

Batting for the integrity of Kashmir, Modi said that India is incomplete without Kashmir’s contribution. He praised cricketer Parvez Rasool, who has made it big in domestic cricket and knocked on the doors of the Indian cricket team. However, Modi lamented that such a state cannot have a cricket stadium of its own.

“This is the land that gave birth to Sufism, which taught us to bring everyone together. The Central government will work together with the Jammu and Kashmir government. It is imperative to bring every family out of crisis here. For the past few years Kashmiri youth are performing well in IITs, IIMs, IAS. And I am ready to do everything possible for them.
The solution to every problem of ours is in providing employment to the youth. When Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag hit sixes, the wood for the bat came from Kashmir. Why should there be no cricket in the land where Parvez Rasool comes from? “, he said.

“No matter how much the world advances, without humanity we are nowhere. If at least 5% of the expatriates who are now living abroad in Dubai or other places return to Kashmir, the state will ace in development,” the PM opined.
Modi then announced a special package of Rs 80,000 crore for the Skill development initiative in Jammu and Kashmir, under the Skill India programme. He said more funds would be released soon, ending on a high note.

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