Rs 3 crore showered in 30 seconds as female BJP MP dances

poonam_1933137gAHMEDABAD: A ‘Bhagwat Katha’ programme organised in Gujarat’s Veraval saw BJP MP Poonamben Madam shaking a leg, but the appalling part of the story is that nearly three crore rupees were showered by the crowd in merely 30 seconds.
Currency notes of various denominations began flying as the BJP MP danced with several others for several minutes.
Poonamben Madam, who represented Khambhalia Assembly segment in Gujarat, became an MP from Jamnagar segment after BJP’s victory in the state and Centre in the 2014 General Elections.
The 41-year-old woman MP’s father served as an Independent MLA four times during 1972-1990.
When the programme ended, there was a pile of currency notes on the ground.

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