‘Rambhakt Gopal’ Went Live on FB Before Attacking Anti-CAA Demonstrators

jamia_nnnn_570_850 (1)NEW DELHI : Thousands of people and police personnel faced off against each other near the Jamia Millia Islamia University on Thursday after a man fired a pistol at a group of anti-CAA protesters, injuring a student before walking away while waving the firearm over his head shouting “Yeh lo aazadi”.

The person who brandished a gun and fired shots at anti-CAA demonstrators of the Jamia Millia University went live on Facebook before launching the attack. A series of videos were uploaded live by him on before he fired on the protesters. The social media site had taken down the videos a couple of hours after the shooting incident.

The person, through his social media handles, has been identified as “Rambhakt Gopal”. The Delhi Police officials who took him into custody from the site of attack have also confirmed his identity. Eye-witnesses told reporters that the attacker, armed with a pistol, came charging towards the protesting Jamia students.
As night fell, massive protests broke out with agitated students and others gathering near the university, breaking barricades and clashing with police personnel. Some demonstrators, including a woman, could be seen being forcibly taken away. Many sang the national anthem.
A teenager pulled out a gun and fired at students protesting against the citizenship law near Jamia Millia University in Delhi, injuring one student. Only after he fired the shot did the police, present in large numbers to keep a check on the protest, react.
The protests spiraled as hundreds more joined in, breaking police barricades as they tried to march towards Rajghat. Home Minister Amit Shah said he had ordered stringent action in the shooting incident and “the culprit will not be spared”.
In a chilling video, the teenager is seen walking backwards as he points his gun at protesters. Dozens of policemen in riot gear are seen behind him, but none of them is seen trying to stop the shooter. “Yeh lo azaadi (here’s your freedom)” he sneers at the protesters. After he fires the shot, one police officer is seen walking towards him and grabbing him. Saying that he was a juvenile, police officials said that the attacker cannot be named.
While being taken away, he shouted “Delhi Police zindabad (Long live Delhi Police)”. The shooter has been detained and is being questioned. “A crowd was coming from Jamia. The person came from the crowd,” senior police officer Chinmoy Biswal told as the police faced questions about their slow response.
The incident comes against the backdrop of hate speeches made during the campaign for the February 8 Delhi election; Union Minister Anurag Thakur has been banned from campaigning for 72 hours after he was caught on camera encouraging the slogan “Desh Ke Gaddaro Ko, Goli Maaro S***** Ko (Shoot the traitors)” at a rally. The teenager is from Uttar Pradesh’s Jewar, near Delhi. Details on his Facebook page soon started emerging.
Meanwhile, CPI general secretary D. Raja  said the incident of firing at Jamia Milia Islamia was a “direct result” of incretionary comments made by BJP leaders while campaigning for the Delhi Assembly polls.
According to Mr Raja it was unfortunate that such an incident had happened on the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. “Jamia firing incident a direct result of provocative statements made by BJP leaders during campaigning in Delhi. BJP leader Anurag Thakur should be arrested for his comments urging crowds to raise slogan of shoot the traitors,” Mr. Raja said.
He  said the incident of firing at Jamia Milia Islamia was a “direct result” of incretionary comments made by BJP leaders while campaigning for the Delhi Assembly polls.
The Election Commission has barred Union Minister Anurag Thakur from campaigning in the Delhi Assembly polls for three days and BJP MP Parvesh Verma for four days for their controversial remarks.
While, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Thursday hit out at the BJP over the incident of firing at Jamia Millia Islamia University.
AAP leader Sanjay Singh took to Twitter and blamed the BJP for the firing incident where a student was injured. The AAP leader also claimed that the accused was inspired by hate speeches made by BJP leaders during election campaigns in Delhi.
Singh also said that since Amit Shah has become Union Home Minister, law and order situation across the country has worsened. BJP always tries to disturb the environment under a pre-planned conspiracy under the fear of loosing elections.

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