Rahul Gandhi slams Center and asks Chinese Media’s praise of PM Modi

Modi_Rahul-EPSNEW DELHI :  Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday again targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his statement that Chinese troops did not intrude into the Indian territory and asked ‘why is China praising PM Modi during this conflict?
Rahul , whose “Surender Modi” dig at the Prime Minister topped Twitter trends yesterday, today had a tough question: Why is China praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi amid the clash in Ladakh.

Today, Mr Gandhi posted a news report on Chinese mouthpiece Global Times’s praise for the Prime Minster over his comments on Friday’s all-party meet. The accompanying tweet read, “China killed our soldiers. China took our land. Then, why is China praising Mr Modi during this conflict?”
Sharing a newspaper article on Twitter which quotes Communist party-run Global Times, the Congress leader wrote: China killed our soldiers. China took our land. Then, why is China praising Mr Modi during this conflict?” Earlier, on Sunday, Gandhi had called PM Modi ‘Surender Modi’.
Sharing an international daily’s article titled ‘India’s appeasement policy toward China unravels’ on Twitter, the Congress leader wrote: “Narendra Modi Is actually Surender Modi”.
Mr Gandhi has been repeatedly targeting the Prime Minister over the June 15 violence at Ladakh’s Galwan Valley – the the worst face-off since 1967, in which 20 Indian soldiers had died and 76 were injured in a clash with Chinese troops. His tweets became sharper after Friday’s all-party meet, where PM Modi had said, “Neither is anyone inside our territory nor is any of our post captured”.

The Congress leader’s reaction seemingly comes in response to the Prime Minister’s statement in the all-party meeting on Friday wherein he said that ”neither is anyone inside our territory nor have any of our posts been captured’. Modi had, on Friday about the LAC row with China, said that Chinese troops did not intrude into the Indian territory.
The central government had on Sunday said that attempts are being made in to give mischievous interpretation to remarks of the Prime Minister at the all-party meeting, countering Rahul Gandhi’s claim that India “surrendered to the Chinese aggression”.The Prime Minister’s Office said it was an attempt to give a “mischievous interpretation” to PM Modi’s comments.
In a report titled “India knows it can’t have a war with China’,” published yesterday, the Global Times had quoted experts who said that PM Modi is “playing with words in order to avoid an escalation”. “China’s capability not only in terms of the military, but also overall and international influence, is superior to India’s,” the report read.
It drew angry responses from the BJP Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, said “surrendering is the hallmark of Gandhi-Nehru family”. “In 1962, Assam was almost given away by Pt Nehru. When Chinese Army had captured Bomdila, Nehru said, “My heart goes out to people of Assam.” Shame,” his tweet read.
A top retired army commander, who didn’t want to be identified, told HT that China had already achieved what it set out to achieve – gaining control over Galwan Valley and the strategic feature Finger 4 near Pangong Tso where a significant Chinese build up has taken place over the last six weeks.The government, however, denies any such claim.
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