Police arrested suspicious Burqa-clad woman in Shaheen Bagh

GunjaNEW DELHI : The police have arrested a burqa-clad woman this morning at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh after her presence raised suspicion.
The woman identified as Gunja Kapoor, raised suspicion when she kept asking “too many questions”, said eyewitnesses. Some protesters insisted on checking her and found a camera. This led to an uproar and she was caught by the protesters. This led to a commotion and she was caught by several women. Later, police came to the protest site and took her away.

Gunja Kapoor, who describes herself as the curator of a YouTube channel ‘Right Narrative’, is followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP leader Tejasvi Surya on Twitter. On being asked by reporters why she was carrying a camera, Gunja flipped and said: “This is not media’s hot moment. Go!”

Visuals showed the woman surrounded by protesters as police tried to pacify them. The latest incident comes after three separate incidents of shooting near sites of anti-CAA protests in Delhi were reported last week.





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