PM Modi talks about Gujarat violence, Land Bill in ‘Mann ki Baat’

pm-modi_625x300_41423893207NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed the nation in the 11th episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio broadcast at 11 am. Here are the live updates:
PM Modi asks people to share their suggestions and topics for next ‘Mann ki Baat’ episode and concludes his radio address.
I have met many youngsters who have pledged things like – ”Sunday on Cycle’. It is good for health and environment: Modi
I congratulate two brothers from Maharashtra – Dr Hitendra and Mahendra Mahajana – who have made us proud by winning the ‘Race across America’ ए There are 514 centres across the nation for free Dengue treatment. Get yourself treated in time: Modi
These days, many reports of deaths due to dengue, have been in news. Dengue is dangerous, but it is easy to take precaution. I appeal to you that don’t death be a cheap thing. Life is precious: Modi
Just the way we have gotten rid of polio and tetanus, we have to save our mothers and infants: Mod. It’s true that every year in India, almost 50, 000 mothers and 13 lakh babies die during or soon after delivery. It is quiet worrying and frightening. But there has been a lot of improvement and India is being praised on a global level. But this is not enough: Modi
On August 15, I had questioned that why there was a need for interviews for low-level jobs. It’s been mere 15 days but I am happy to say that the government has been working very speedily and that low-level jobs will get rid of teh interviews, The poor will not have to run from pillar to post for recommendation. There will be no corruption, no exploitation.: Modi
I salute all those associated with the triumph in 1965 war.: Modi Just two days ago, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of 1965 war and 1965 war reminds us of Lal Bahadur Shashtri and ‘his slogan Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisaan”‘. It  is not a slogan, is our mantra: Modi From today itself, we will implement 13 new pointers to the land bill, which will benefit the farmers: Modi
The ordinance on land bill comes to an end on August 30. We will let it end tomorrow. We are ready to amend land acquisition act to benefit farmers, who have been misinformed leading to a fear in their minds: PM
If we have to develop our villages, we must free the law from the shackles of bureaucracy and red-tapism: ModiThere is a debate brewing over the issue of Land Acquisition Bill. The government is open to all suggestions for the sake of welfare of the farmers: Modi No matter which religion we belong to, we must learn about sufism: Modi
It has become very important to convey to the world the true nature of Islam religion. I believe the Soofi tradition, which is associated with benevolence and love, will take this message very far: Modi  I got to meet some Sufi scholars and I was pleased to listen to them: Modi
Peace, unity and brotherhood – this is the only right path and development is solution to all our problems.: Modi  It is commendable that in very less time, my brothers and sisters in Gujarat managed the situation and Gujarat was back on the path of peace.: Modi”
In last few days, events in Gujarat (Hardik Patel quota agitation) the disastrous dance of violence have distressed the nation. It is usual for the entire nation to be pained and anguished if this happens in the land of Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel: Modi.The accounts were to be opened with zero rupees balance, but our poor have managed to deposit Rs 22, 000 crores

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