PM Modi reveals ‘ART’ of good governance to bureaucrats

modi-civil-services-day_650x400_41429610728NEW DELHI: Prime Minster Narendra Modi today talked about work-life balance and “quality time with family” to a hall full of civil servants at a function in Delhi.
“A life full of tension cannot achieve anything, especially when you have to run the nation,” the PM said, adding, “Have you turned into robots in your daily life? If that is so, then that impacts your work.”In the imposing Vigyan Bhawan, used for high-profile government functions, the PM said, “My team has to be energetic, not tired and wilted,” drawing laughter when he asked, “Why are you so serious?”Also when he said, “Do you spend ‘quality time’ with your families? I want my friends to think about that… I can’t personally guide you on this.”
PM Modi is known to work long hours every day and is seen as a tough task master who keeps officials on their toes. He had recently acknowledged “complaints” that he makes people work even on holidays. He has, since he took office in May last year, scheduled some of his government’s most important activities and events on public holidays or Sundays.
At the Civil Services Day function today, he also said, “Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency; this ART is essential for good governance.” The work of the government. he said, was “not only to run departments. We have to innovative, modernise within the department as well.”
Prime Minister says that (1) A life which is full of tension cannot be productive specially if you have to run the nation.(2) If you wither, then how will the nation blossom?(3) Is your life restricted to a page in file?(4)On Civil Services Day, I want you to think that despite being at home you are not really present there thinking of files and other work related matters. (5) You must manage time well but do you spend quality time with your family (6) Has your life turned robotic? If so, then it will have an affect the government.(7) We will not be able to serve people until the ”insaan” (human) within us remains alive.(8) I take the lesson of “Sheelam Param Bhushanam” (character is the highest virtue) with me wherever I go.(9) It is natural to think of Sardar Patel, who worked for nation’s integration today. (10)  The need of the hour today is socio-economic integration.(11) I would like to congratulate all the winners of the awards today.(12) The ‘ART’ of good governance is A- Accountability, R-Responsibility and T-Transparency.(13) We need to give priority to perfection and capacity building.
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