Nitish Kumar is Now Cursing Biharis,’ Says PM Modi: Highlights

modi-gopalganj_650x400_41446183861GOPALGANJ( BIHAR) Ahead of the fourth phase of Bihar Assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Gopalganj district.
These are the  highlights of the Prime Minister speech :

  • Starts by invoking local deity “Thave Maai”
  • This election will take NDA’s successful journey forward.
  • I had come to Danapur area of Gopalganj during 2014 elections.
  • You are listening to the indecent statements made by the members of Mahagathbandhan (Grand Alliance). I wonder the people who have ruled Bihar for so many years are making such statements.
  • Why have they stooped to such levels, the reason is not because Modi has made any mistake or done anything wrong
  • It seems your love for Modi prompts them to make such statements
  • The way your love for me is increasing, so are their abuses for me
  • NDA is running a successful election campaign
  • The way the leaders of the Grand Alliance are reacting shows how much popular NDA is among the people
  • Now that you are tired of abusing Modi, you are abusing Biharis
  • They have alleged that people who come in Modi rallies are brought after paying money. Isn’t this an insult to all Biharis? They will pay a price for it
  • Nitish Babu (Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar) call me whatever you want to, but don’t hurt the sentiments of Biharis
  • The swelling crowd here shows the mood of Bihar
  • Bihar is angry because it is asking for the accounts of the work done in the past 25 years, which you are not willing to give
  • Gopalganj is dear to Laluji (RJD chief Lalu Prasad), what did Gopalganj get, didn’t the area became a mini-Chambal
  • Bullets were being fired at railway stations during broad daylight, there was only one industry, kidnapping
  • The maximum migration in Bihar has happened from Siwan and Gopalganj
  • When I went to Abu Dhabi, I met all Indian labourers
  • I asked them where did they come from, most of them were from Bihar in Gopalganj
  • Who compelled the Bihari youth to go outside looking for jobs? Who made Bihari youth outsiders?
  • Our aim is to make sure that people get employment opportunities in the state itself
  • Bada Bhai (Lalu Yadav) and Chhota Bhai (Nitish Kumar) will only do for themselves
  • Bada bhai is busy with his sons and family
  • There is only one way left, that is “Bihar ka Vikas”.
  • You had faith in me during 2014 Lok Sabha, do the same now and I will finish bhai-bhatijawad and bhrashtachaar (nepotism and corruption)
  • They have been abusing me but have not made any allegation of corruption against me
  • Did you see what happened on TV? Their colleagues were taking money. Is this correct? But did it make a difference to them
  • Nitish ji, did you build a school at Lalu ji’s home? Isn’t that what you promised, on corruption
  • Do you remember the scams, in every sphere be it transport, ration, education, recruitment, mid day meals etc
  • In all this I am not even talking about the fodder scam that sent the leader to jail. Now do we want more such scams
  • I want to stop the corruption. This election is also to punish those who have looted Bihar
  • Nitish Babu says return me the old days, does he want those days when kidnappings happened, women were not safe, crimes against Dalits happened
  • Then Nitish babu you may want the old day for staying in power, but the people of Bihar don’t want them back
  • I have three-point agenda is Bihar
  • Padhai (Education), Kamai (Employment) and Dawai (Health)
  • Development is my agenda in Bihar If there are no industries here, youth here will not get jobs
  • Without electricity how will industry come? They had promised electricity but what happened
  • Bihar needs 24-hour power for industry so that the youth can get jobs
  • A few day ago when I told everyone of their plans on reservation, they are getting upset
  • These leaders want to take away 5 per cent reservation from Dalits, Mahadalits, OBCs and EBCs They want to give this to other community
  • I have documents that on August 24, 2005 in Parliament, Nitish Babu had asked for reservation based on the lines of community
  • Answer me. You make statements and then try to run away
  • I have seen poverty from very close.
  • They say that Modi has changed his profile, earlier he spoke of development, now he talks of his OBC status
  • I want to ask them whether OBCs are not allowed to talk of development?
    They are so desperate now that they have resorted to Tantriks. You can get a hundred Tantriks but it will not help
  • We have faith in the people of Bihar
  • As voting will start for fourth phase, they will be wiped out from the state
  • I have full faith that you will give us a two-thirds majority in the remaining two phases
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