Modi rewrote campaigning rules, Congress couldn’t match, confesses Jairam

jairamNEW DELHI : As the blame game continues after a drubbing for the Congress in the recently concluded General Elections, party strategist Jairam Ramesh admitted that Narendra Modi’s aggressive campaigning delivered a knockout blow to the grand old party, saying that the Congress couldn’t match it and was unprepared for such poll campaigning.
Speaking to a leading daily, The outgoing Rural Development minister confessed that Modi has brought about a change in the nature of electoral campaigning in the country and “it cannot be denied”.Modi in his election campaigning held over 440 rallies targeting Congress on numerous issues ranging from policy paralysis to terrorism. Ramesh said that the Congress was “out-campaigned and out-funded”, however, came to Rahul Gandhi’s defences for the poll debacle saying that one individual cannot be blamed for Congress’ massive defeat.
The Congress leader said that the Congress party will have to introspect and take lesson from the defeat it faced by being proactive in communication and gauge the public mood better. He, however, said that Modi’s thumping victory won’t bury his communal baggage.
The BJP crossed the half-way mark of 272 on its own bagging 282 Lok Sabha seats and along with its allies it won 335 seats. The Congress on the other hand was decimated ending up with just 44 seats.

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