Indians praising Pakistan should be ‘hit with shoes’: VHP leader

331943-vhp700MANGALORE: VHP leader sadhvi Balika Saraswati has stoked a controversy saying that people who live in India and praise Pakistan should be “hit with shoes” and sent to that country, following which police are mulling action against her.
In her speech at the “Hindu Samajotsava” here on March 1, where she was billed as the star speaker, the sadhvi from Madhya Pradesh said, “People who eat and live in India and praise Pakistan should be hit with shoes and sent to Pakistan.”
In the key part of the speech which the police had taken note of, she had said Hindus would build a Ram Mandir at Ayodhya and another one in Islamabad and Hindus would go there and offer ‘poojas and archanas’.
Meanwhile, police are examining her speech for a possible action.City police commissioner S Murugan said no specific complaint has been received about the tenor of her speech and action would have to be taken if any complaint was received.
The case was being examined whether the police could take a suo motu action on the matter, he said.
The sadhvi, who had attacked ‘love jihad’, had said, “We will not remain silent any longer. We will take an eye for an eye. History may tell you that India received independence with peace. But I tell you, you cannot have independence with peace. We need to pick up weapons.”

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