How Indrani , Sanjeev Khanna took Sheena’s body to Raigad after murder

Sheena-murder-caseMUMBAI: More chilling details related to the murder of former TV honcho Peter Mukerjea’s wife Indrani Mukerjea’s daughter Sheena Bora have reportedly been revealed.
After murdering Sheena, the body was kept in a sitting position between Indrani and her first husband Sanjeev Khanna and taken to Indrani’s Worli residence where it was kept until early morning, according to a news report in the Times of India citing police officials.
The corpse was again placed in a similar position while being taken to Raigad by the two accused fearing nakabandi by police.In a well thought-out plan, both Indrani and Khanna thought that in case the police decided to check the vehicle, they will claim that Sheena was asleep, the report stated.
After reaching Raigad, the body was stuffed into a suitcase and then set on fire.Mikhail had earlier told the police that she had thrice attempted to kill him and also spiked his drink the day Sheena disappeared in April 2012. Mikhail, who lives in Guwahati, and Sheena were Indrani’s children with Das.
Indrani was arrested on August 25 on charges of killing Sheena on April 24, 2012 along with her driver Shyam Rai and Khanna.

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