Govt urged for technology proposals to combat Covid-19

COVID-19-344x169NEW DELHI : Serious healthcare challenge due to Covid-19, the government on Sunday urged companies across India to come up with potential solutions to develop protection and home-based respiratory interventions for the patients.
The call for proposals was made by the Technology Development Board (TDB), a statutory body under Department of Science and Technology, which invited applications from Indian companies and enterprises to address increasing demand for rapid diagnostic kits, oxygenators and ventilators for the Covid-19 patients.

The government is focusing on supporting development of rapid innovative solutions like low-cost masks, cost-effective thermal scanning devices, technologies for sanitization of large areas like electrostatic spray as well as AI based solutions for contactless entry, rapid diagnostic kits, portable oxygenators and ventilators to monitor and control the spread of the new coronavirus.

On Sunday, the total number of positive cases had crossed 340 in the country, registering a record spike in new cases. With the infections expected to rise further, there are concerns that it could challenge the health-sector with rising demand for medical equipment.
The new proposals can be submitted on the website on the official website of the Technology Development Board (TDB) on or before 27th March, after which they would be evaluated on the basis of scientific, technical, commercial, and financial merits.

The Board provides financial assistance in the form of soft loans (up to 50% of project cost at 5% simple interest per annum), equity participation (up to a maximum of 25% of the project cost) or grant in exceptional cases to encourage the commercial application of indigenously developed technology and for adapting imported technology for wider domestic applications.

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