Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to meet PM Narendra Modi today

zuckerbergNEW DELHI : Social networking site Facebook’s CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg will be meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday. It is also expected that Zuckerberg will meet key ministeries as well.The billionaire CEO, addressing the first Internet.org summit yesterday said that he is very excited to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi because the latter is socially very well connected.
Zuckerberg said that he is also looking forward to discuss how Facebook can connect villages and help the government in its digitisation scheme. He will meet Modi to talk about how Facebook and the Indian government can collaborate on Internet.org. The Facebook chief yesterday reiterated that India’s next generation has the ability to define the future. The new generation has the potential to “bring India to world and bring world to India” he said.“India is an amazing country with unlimited potential,” he added.
“Two-third of world population does not have access to internet. We need to change this to make internet more affordable so that everyone can have an access to it,” Zuckerberg said.He further said that connectivity is a human right. He said that he wants to help build an internet which is affordable for everyone.

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